The Royal Domain included an ensemble of buildings (3 castles and 19 pavilions, villas and annexes, a total of 569 rooms), occupying an area of about 30 ha. At Peleş Castle, impressive edifice by size and variety of styles, the foundation stone was laid in August 1875. In October 1883, in front of a large crowd from all the nearby villages and some officials of the time, the castle, thought by Carol as a connection between his family and the Romanian people was inaugurated. Inauguration did not mean stopping the work; after the Royal Family left for the capital in November, work began to expand or change the old rooms. The final project was developed by the Czech architect Karl Liman, who lived until his death (1929) in a villa on the Peleş field, completing together with Carol I this remarkable ensemble that enriched the national heritage, as well as the European one with an exceptional monument. The castle, about which Carol I claimed to bring all Europe to Romania, has a great variety of styles in the decoration of reception rooms and private decorations. It has begun to be visited since the time of Carol I, and the park, arranged in the style of English gardens (never closed by fences) was always at the disposal of visitors, with benches to rest and numerous alleys for the promenade.

     By the time of the kings, this building was named Guard's Chambers, being built at the same time as Peles Castle, between 1880-1883, and today, after more than 130 years of its construction, being refurbished with good taste, it is ready to meet the most sophisticated pretences.The building belongs to the National Patrimony and is classified in category A - of national interest.

     Near the complex, besides the two famous castles, there are also the main attractions of the city: Sinaia Monastery, Ski slopes, Telegondola, the road to Poiana Stânii, the road to Cota.The city of Sinaia developed with the construction of the castle, gradually becoming a gorgeous mountain resort, with period-style villas, hotels, parks, gardens, a casino, a hospital and other establishments. The first timber, lime and nails factories appeared, and then the power plant that fed the castle, the resort and the whole valley of Prahova. In 1879 the railway was put into use up to Bucharest. In the last century, Sinaia developed a lot, especially in the tourist branch, becoming the most famous resort in the country, symbolically called "Pearl of the Carpathians".

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